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Why Hire Us?

"So….what makes our Firm different? 

We’ve Got Skills

We will stack our professional accomplishments against anyone. We are proven, accomplished business and real estate attorneys with extensive experience who are equally at home in the courtroom, the boardroom, the executive suite and the plant floor.

We Always Consider Cost Effectiveness

At our Firm, our primary goal is to get you value for what you pay for. We don’t recommend pursuing a course of action, undertaking transactional work, or litigating a matter just to generate attorney’s fees. An ever-present factor in our consultations with you and our professional services is factoring the worth or risk of pursuing a particular course of action. No matter what fee arrangement applies (fixed fee or hourly), helping you understand the cost of a particular course of action is critical to our role as your advocate and business consultant.

Certainty of Cost for Transactional Work

When we document or review your business or real estate transaction, we understand your desire to ascertain the costs before entering into the transaction. Our goal is to provide you with a cost estimate before you commit to our services so you do not have any surprises after your business transaction has been documented. If we cannot quote a price due to its complexity we will provide an estimated range for the project and discuss with you the variables that affect our pricing. Price certainty is a fundamental part of business, and we try to accommodate this in our services

Not Just a Number

Your legal professional should be dedicated to each project. Lawyers wear ”two hats”.  One hat, of course, is as your advocate when dealing with other lawyers, parties, or in court.  However, the second hat is as your consultant.  We will be completely truthful and candid in our private and privileged consultations with you so that you will know where you stand and what to expect.  And we have a great passion for what we do. For us, it’s more than just a job, it's a professional legal obligation.

Our value-based approach to legal services focuses on what is important to you. Because of our dual role as Advocate and Consultant, we earn the trust of our clients by providing budget control and certainty in billing, giving advice that works in the real business world, and being responsive to your needs, whenever they arise.  


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