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Business/Transactional Services

Our business attorneys believe in providing our clients with valuable and cost effective solutions. We value the opportunity to build relationships with our clients, and one of the ways we encourage this is to eliminate the traditional hourly billing structure of the legal profession.

Our value-based billing method strives to provide clients with transparent, honest, and clearly established fee estimates prior to proceeding with any project. The "value-based" billing principal arises out of a growing dissatisfaction with traditional time-based billing in the legal profession, which tends to foster distrust of legal professionals and may make clients reluctant to fully engage with their legal professionals. Our goal is to ensure our solutions provide our clients with value, not just an invoice.

When at all possible, our transactional attorneys present clients with a single project fee based upon initial evaluation of the client's particular needs. If the scope of a client's needs cannot be determined at the outset, our attorneys will present a "not to exceed" estimate to guide the client's expectations. Long-term projects will be billed in increments according to the value-based billing principal.

Litigation Charges

Attorney’s fees for litigation work are billed on an hourly basis. This is customary, since it cannot be determined at the outset of a lawsuit how much time is going to be needed to resolve the matter. Many cases get resolved before trial, and therefore involve less attorney time than those that proceed to trial or to an appeal.

An attorney’s hourly rate is predicated on a number of factors, primarily including the attorney’s experience, expertise, skill, and standing in the community.

Attorney’s fees differ from court costs and other costs of litigation. These other costs include filing fees paid to the court and service of process charges. They may also include outside copy services, expert witness fees, and other out-of-pocket costs incurred in the litigation process.


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