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Civil Litigation

We represent clients who anticipate becoming involved in or who are involved in a lawsuit. And should the need arise, our firm will take care of your needs from the early stages of analyzing the issues through the litigation or settlement process, if necessary.

But our first priority is to consider litigation from a broader business perspective to make sure we take steps aimed at keeping your business running and avoiding unwanted costs and emotional burdens.

We have successfully litigated a wide variety of cases, with an emphasis in real estate and business disputes, including:

  • Foreclosure disputes
  • Real estate loan controversies, representing borrowers and lenders
  • Real estate purchase and sale disputes, representing buyers, sellers, and agents
  • Neighbor issues, including boundary disputes and nuisance cases
  • Commercial lease disputes, representing landlords and tenants
  • Business purchase and sale disputes, representing buyers, sellers, and lenders
  • Partnership and corporation disputes
  • Employment disputes
  • Land development disputes
  • Easement disputes
  • Title disputes, including joint tenancy and tenancy in common controversies
  • Insurance coverage disputes, including title insurance issuesTop of Form 

And much more…

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